Good vibe dealer of plant and earth based feel goods for the spirit + soul + body.

VEE+CO is a cruelty free, plant and earth based apothecary line dedicated to the "triangle of life". We strive to nourish the spirit, soul, and body. Our line is made with the highest intention. 

VEE+CO was started out of personal need and has since grown to become an incredible opportunity to share what Mother Nature has to offer with others. 

Each ingredient is carefully selected from indigenously sourced and ethically harvested resources. All of our products are created for both men and women, unless otherwise specified. Our products are created with effect in mind and not fragrance.

You are encouraged to read the product descriptions in order to gain greater insight into the intention of each product. Feel free to send an email if you have any questions about products or use. Just use the contact page. 

As mentioned, because we believe in a happy spirit and soul, VEE+CO works closely with our sister site of life coaching. For more information regarding these services, visit the sister site at www.defaulttohappy.com.


love + light ♡