seven | aromatherapy roller


The number 7 means completion. 'Seven' is a harmonious blend of seven oils, to address the complex needs of the body's system. Keeping our physical body thriving, healthy and functioning well is a complex exercise in balancing. This beautiful collection of oils contains a fragrant jasmine bud which has been thoughtfully infused into oil. We have also collected seven body-centered color connected stones and placed them inside this blend. When you are finished with your oil, feel free to pop off the top to enjoy the beautiful additions.

7 indigenously sourced essential oils + coconut oil + infused with jasmine. 

We have several main centers in our body that are connected to us on several different levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. 

Every organ, gland, and body system is connected to a center. The main centers are aligned along the spinal column.

USE ::: Apply along the spinal column. 

May also be applied along:
1. Base of Spine in tailbone area.
2. Lower abdomen, about 2 inches below the navel and 2 inches in.
3. Upper abdomen in the stomach area. 
4. Center of chest just above heart. 
5. Throat. 
6. Forehead. 
7. The very top of the head. 

Apply topically to any of the following areas: 

•bottoms of feet*
•big toe* 
•back of neck*
•behind ears

Avoid sensitive areas such as the eyes. 

May apply to palms of hands and rub together to inhale aroma. May also inhale aroma directly from vial. Wash hands to avoid getting oils into the eye. 

*these areas maximize effectiveness*

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