wanderlust | aromatherapy roller


Wanderlust is a blend formulated to induce inspiration and happiness. Blended with a variety of delicate oils including neroli and rose, you will also come to enjoy the sense of peace and calm associated with this blend. 

Infused with citrine for added benefits. Citrine is known as the happiness stone. It is energizing and invigorating to the physical body. Pop the top to repurpose your stone when finished. (size of stones range from 5mm to 10mm)

Wanderlust also provides wonderful benefits to the skin as it helps improve skin health by regenerating and maintaining your skin's elasticity, preventing the appearance of stretch marks, and banishing acne.


neroli, rose, lavender, ylang ylang, and other essential oils, citrine stone + coconut oil

Apply topically to any of the following areas: 

•bottoms of feet*
•big toe* 
•back of neck*
•behind ears
•down the spine* 

Avoid sensitive areas such as the eyes. 

May apply to palms of hands and rub together to inhale aroma. May also inhale aroma directly from vial. Wash hands to avoid getting oils into the eye. 

*these areas maximize effectiveness*



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