mamatoto | aromatherapy roller


'Mamatoto' :: in Swahili means 'motherbaby' -- reflecting the concept that mother and infant are not two separate entities but are indeed one. 

Created with the expectant mother, nursing mother, and baby in mind. It is soothing, balancing, and uplifting. This special blend is beneficial to both mother and baby.


coconut oil + lavender, vanilla bean, geranium + mandarin essential oils


Mamatoto can be applied to the breasts to help ease tenderness associated with hormones, breastfeeding and milk production during and after pregnancy.  

May also be rubbed on the abdomen area during prenatal and postnatal stages to assist with discomfort. Mamatoto can be applied to the inner ankles to help subdue unbalanced hormones. Also an excellent source of support for mothers experiencing postnatal depression. 

Support, soothe and calm baby by rubbing on the bottoms of feet and spinal region.

Apply topically to any of the following areas: 

•bottoms of feet*
•big toe* 
•back of neck*
•behind ears
•down the spine* 

Avoid sensitive areas such as the eyes. 

May apply to palms of hands and rub together to inhale aroma. May also inhale aroma directly from vial. Wash hands to avoid getting oils into the eye. 

*these areas maximize effectiveness*

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